Exposed: FBI Bugged Public Bus Stop In San Francisco Area

Exposed: FBI Bugged Public Bus Stop In San Francisco Area

TSCMBugging Device Found

Well, if you’ve ever read Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly and were freaked out about the government recording everything you do in his dystopian vision of the United States, this story coming out of the San Francisco-area won’t assuage your concerns about federal surveillance programs. Between 2010-2011, FBI agents planted recording devices in public bus stops and recorded conversations. …

The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse in Oakland.

FBI Hid Surveillance Devices Around Alameda County Courthouse

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Federal agents planted hidden microphones and conducted secret video surveillance at Alameda County’s Rene C. Davidson Courthouse for ten months, despite having no court warrant. The surveillance operation was part of an investigation into alleged bid rigging at foreclosed property auctions where thousands of houses and apartment buildings were sold by banks. But defense attorneys for some of the individuals …

Smart Phone with Security Cameras

Is your cell phone spying on you? Simple ways to stop it

TSCMCyber Security

Flight attendant Lucy Lofton travels the world, and didn’t know until we showed her that our smartphones, always with us, are always keeping track, of every move we make. There’s a digital log kept on her Android under “Google Location Setting” and on my I-phone. Cyber security expert and founder of Identity Theft, 911, Adam Levin showed us the treasure …