Executive Protection & Handling

In today’s Global environment, many executives and ‘high-net-worth’ individuals feel the need to engage executive protection services (also known as close protection) to mitigate potential risks to themselves, their key personnel and their businesses.  Advanced Security Protection offers services ranging from a one-man detail, to a full protection team.  We understand the need for discretion and have provided close protection to many corporate clients, ‘high-net-worth’ individuals and 'A-list' celebrities.  Likewise, many of our clients seek the help of an ‘executive handling and cultural liaison officer’ to assist them when visiting countries with a different cultural background.

Our emphasis is not only on the physical security presence, but also on pre-deployment and advance preparation.  To effect quality executive protection it is imperative that forward planning takes place to ensure smooth travel transitions and to identify any potential risks before the arrival of the executive.

At Advanced Security Protection, we also provide international safe handling, protection and escorts of ‘High Value Asset’.  We work very closely with cash-in-transit providers to ensure smooth transition and are happy to work with your existing provider.  We currently provided this service extensively to the jewellery industry in Europe.

  • Executive / VIP Protection & Handling
  • Residential Security Teams (RST)
  • Threat & Risk Assessment
  • International and Domestic Travel Security
  • High Value Asset Protection


Brochure - Executive Protection & Handling

Executive Protection and Handling Brochure in English


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